Kinetic Study on the Color Deterioration of Crude Anthocyanin Extract from Schizandra Fruit (Schizandra chinensis fructus)

오미자 색소 추출물의 가열 변색에 대한 속도론적 연구

  • Published : 2003.02.01


The effects of temperature and pH on color deterioration of anthocyanin in Schizandra fruit (Schizandra chinensis fructus) were determined with temperature range of $80{\sim}100^{\circ}C$ and pH range of $2.0{\sim}5.0$. Browning index was used as an index of color deterioration of crude anthocyanin extract from Schizandra fruit. As pH of crude anthocyanin extract was increased, color deterioration was accelerated, showing pH-dependency of thermal stability of anthocyanin extract from Schizandra fruit. Anthocyanin degradation could be modeled as a second-order rate reaction, with rate of $3.2{\times}10^{-3}\;h^{-1}\;(pH\;2.0){\sim}4.1{\times}10^{-3}\;h^{-1}\;(pH\;5.0)\;at\;100^{\circ}C$. Temperature dependence of deterioration was described by the Arrhenius relationship. Activation energies for pH $2.0{\sim}5.0$ ranged from $24.87{\sim}42.54\;kJ/mol^{-1}$.


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