Effect of ${\beta}-Glucan$ on Gelatinization of Barley Starch

${\beta}-Glucan$이 보리 전분의 호화에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2003.08.01


The effect of ${\beta}-glucan$ on gelatinization of barley starch was studied. By the rapid visco-analyzer measurement, gelatinization of starch became rapid and viscosity increased largely on the RVA pattern by addition of ${\beta}-glucan$ to starch. The results of differential scanning calorimeter showed that molecular structure of starch was getting stabilized through shifting up of gelatinization temperature and increase in enthalpy by addition of ${\beta}$-glucan. X-ray diffraction pattern also showed the same results as differential scanning calorimeter. But it was revealed that addition of ${\beta}$-glucan to starch didn't affect characteristics such as microscopic observation, solubility, swelling power, and iodine binding properties during gelatinization of starch.




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