Serial Concatenation of Space-Time and Recursive Convolutional Codes

  • Received : 2002.08.03
  • Published : 2003.04.30


We propose a new serial concatenation scheme for space-time and recursive convolutional codes, in which a space-time code is used as the outer code and a single recursive convolutional code as the inner code. We discuss previously proposed serial concatenation schemes employing multiple inner codes and compare them with the new one. The proposed method and the previous one with joint decoding, both performing a combined decoding of the simultaneous output signals from multiple antennas, give a large performance gain over the separate decoding method. In decoding complexity, the new concatenation scheme has a lower complexity compared with the multiple encoding/joint decoding scheme due to the use of the single inner code. Simulation results for a communication system with two transmit and one receive antennas in a quasi-static Rayleigh fading channel show that the proposed scheme outperforms the previous schemes.



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