An Experimental Study on the Bending Capacities of Steel-Concrete Column under the Axial Load

축력을 받는 SC 기둥의 휨 성능에 관한 실험 연구

  • Received : 2002.09.25
  • Published : 2003.02.27


The Ssteel-Cconcrete (SC) Ccomposite Ccolumn is a new Ccomposite Ccolunin system, where hoops are welded between flanges of H-shapesd steel and concrete is filled in spaces between flanges are filled with con crete. Tests of SC composite columns were performed previously to determine their compression, bending and shear strength, and it showed good structural behavior. But sSince a column is usually subjected to an axial compression force, and bending it ihas needed to be bent forevaluate its structural behavior to be evaluated when its axial load and bending isaresimultaneously applied to the SC composite column. In this paper, tests were conducted to investigate the bending strength of SC composite columns subjected to axial compression force and bending moment. The parameters of the tests were concrete, a stud bolt, a hoop and a magnitude of axial compression. The test results showed that the maximum bending strength and ductility of an SC composite column were increased by 33-42% and 33-63%, respectively, comparinged to those of a bare steel column. Also, the results obtained bywith the Korean Limit State Design Code (LSD) presents a considerably safe side value compared to those of the Eurocode-4 and the Japan Code. However, wWhen the axial compression force is was increased, however, there awere considerable differences between the maximum strength obtained by the test and the LSD analysis. For this reason, it is recommended tothe use of the Eurocode-4 is recommended when calculates the strength of an SC composite column is being calculated, since the Eurocode-4 gives us a better estimation.


Supported by : (주)포항제철, 대우건설 기술연구소


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