Regression Studies of Dry Weight of Planktonic Biomass on Physico-chemical Parameters of Ponds with Special Reference to Fertilization

  • Mahboob, Shahid (Post-Graduate Department of Zoology, Government College) ;
  • Sheri, A.N. (Ex-Vice Chancellor University of Agriculture)
  • Received : 2001.08.27
  • Accepted : 2002.01.15
  • Published : 2003.02.01


The regression equations of dry weight of planktonic biomass upon physico-chemical characteristics of fifteen ponds in three replicates under the influence of artificial feed, broiler manure, buffalo manure, N:P:K (25:25:0) and a control pond was obtained after one year of experimental period by using stepwise regression method. Water samples from each of the ponds were analyzed daily. However, the average values were calculated on the basis of 15 day intervals designated as fortnight. In artificial feed supplemented pond the regression of average nitrates on dry weight of planktonic biomass accounted for 71.7% of the variation in biomass. In broiler manure fertilization pond the regression of total nitrogen on dry weight of planktonic biomass held it responsible for more than 74.6% of variation in biomass. In buffalo's manure fertilized pond more than 82% of the variations in biomass were due to total nitrogen. In case of N:P:K (25:25:0) treated pond 66% of the variation in the dry weight of planktonic biomass was due to average nitrates. The control pond showed the dependence of biomass on light penetration. This equation explained more than 62 percent of variation in biomass. Other variables also showed some contribution towards variation in biomass under all the treatments in these regression studies.


Dry Weight;Regression;Relationship;Physico-Chemical


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