Fatigue Strength of In-plane Welded Attachments

면내 거셋 용접연결부의 피로강도

  • Received : 2003.09.24
  • Accepted : 2003.10.30
  • Published : 2003.12.27


This s paper presented the results of the three phases of fatigue tests to determine the fatigue strength of in-plane welded gusset joints, which are the most common details inevitably existing in the region of high stress range. A total of 57 fatigue specimens with varying thickness and strengths were made and tensile fatigue tests performed. One full-scale beam fatigue test was also performed. The validity of the fatigue strength of those details in the specification was confirmed, with the effects of thickness of flanges and welded attachments, length of attachments, and strength of applied steel examined. The characteristics of crack initiation and propagation were also observed. The test result was evaluated by comparing it with other test data and fatigue criteria of other countries. To determine the degree of stress concentration in the weld toe depending on geometric configuration such as attachment length and transition radius, analyses were performed. Compared to the present specification, analytical results indicate the need to revise and subdivide the detail categories.


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