An Investigation into differences between codes for the Moment Strength of Deck Plates

데크플레이트의 휨 강도에 관한 기준 비교 연구

  • 신태송 (동명정보대학교 건축공학과)
  • Received : 2002.11.13
  • Published : 2003.02.27


This research aimed to experimentally and theoretically investigate the moment strength of deck plates. A moment experiment was carried out using a full-scale 14 specimen. To prevent local buckling, the point load was applied at 1/4 points. After the experiment, theoretical analysis was conducted and the differences between various codes were identified. The experimental results were compared with AISI (the American Iron and Steel Institute), EC (Euro Code) 3, and KS (Korea Standard) codes. Analysis results are summarized as follows: (1) the failure mode was influenced by local buckling at the midpoint of the beam and/or at the intermediate loading point: (2) if yielding first occurred at the tension side, the moment strength would increase as the plastic reservation of the tension zone acted: (3) the experimental results were closest to the EC3 codes in which the partial plastic reservation was considered; (4) statistical evaluation based on the EC3 Annex Z showed that the partial resistance safety coefficient calculated applying to the EC3 formula, $^{\circ}{_M}$, was placed within 1.1 which was the target value of EC3 code; and (5) the analytical power of AISI and KS codeswere expected to improve into the level of EC3 codes if the concept of plastic reservation of the tension side would be introduced to them.


Supported by : 한국과학재단


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