Ultimate Strength of branch-rotated T-joints in Cold-formed Square Hollow Sections-Chord web failure mode-

지관이 회전된 냉간성형 각형강관 T형 접합부의 최대내력(II)-주관 웨브 파괴모드-

  • Received : 2002.08.21
  • Published : 2003.02.27


This paper described the ultimate strength and deformation limit of new uniplanar T-joints in cold-formed square hollow sections. The new T-joint had the configuration that only a branch member was oriented at 45 degrees to a chord member in the plane of the truss. This study focused on the branch-rotated T-joints governed by chord web failure. Based on the test results of the T-joint in cold-formed square hollow sections, the deformation lirnit was found to be 3%B for $16.7{\leq}2(B/T){\leq}33.3$ and $0.63{\leq}(b_1/B)=0.7$. Existing strength formulas for traditional T-joint were investigated, and the new strength formula for the branch-rotated T-joint was proposed. This proposed formula was based on column buckling theory considering the rounded corners of cold-formed square hollow sections. Finally, the optimization condition of yield stress and $2{\gamma}$ was recommended to select the optimized chord section.


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