A Study on the Hand Drum Form Predict in the Wire Electric Discharge

와이어방전가공시 북량현상 예측에 관한 연구

  • 김선진 (서강정보대학 소방안전관리과) ;
  • 성백섭 (국립목포대학교 기계선박해양공학부)
  • Published : 2003.01.01


The purpose of this study was to present the method to choose the optimization machining condition for the wire electric discharge machine. This was completed by examining the ever-changing quality of the material and by improving the function of the wire electric discharge machine. Precision metal mold products and the unmanned wire electric discharge machining system were used and then applied in industrial fields. This experiment uses the wire electric discharge machine with brass wire electrode of 0.25mm. In this experiment, we changed no-node voltage to 7 and 9, pulse-on-time to 6$mutextrm{s}$, 8$mutextrm{s}$ and 10$mutextrm{s}$, pulse-off-time to 8$mutextrm{s}$, 10$mutextrm{s}$ and 13$mutextrm{s}$, and experimented on wire tension at room temperature by 1000gf, 1200gf, and 1400gf, respectively.


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