Real-Time Implementation of On-Line Trained Neuro-Controller for a BLDC Motor

  • Salem, M.M. (Electronics Research Institute) ;
  • Zahran, M.B. (Electronics Research Institute) ;
  • Atia, Yousry (Electronics Research Institute) ;
  • Zaki, A.M. (Electronics Research Institute)
  • Published : 2003.01.01


Implementation and experimental verification of a simple neuro-controller (SNC) as a speed controller for a brush less DC (BLDC) motor is presented. The SNC with one weight and a linear hard limit activation function is trained on-line using the back propagation algorithm. A modified error function is used to ensure good performance during the on-line training, which has been used without previous off-line training. The SNC has been implemented using a computer-interface card mounted on a PC. The driving system performance has been investigated by a number of experimental tests for a variety of input reference speed trajectories.


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