Active Front End Inverter with Quasi - resonance

  • Siebel, Henrik (Ingenieurburo Siebel) ;
  • Pacas, J.M. (Institute of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, University of Siegen)
  • Published : 2003.01.01


A new three-phase soft-switching active front-end inverter is presented. The topology consists of a quasi-resonant PWM boost converter with an additional resonant branch, which provides low loss at high frequency operation. This leads to a high conversion efficiency and a remarkable reduction in the siBe of the input inductor. To synchronise the PWM pattern with the resonance cycle, a modified space vector modulation with asymmetrical PWM pattern is used. A high power factor can be achieved for both power flow directions. Due to a new control strategy the converter features a low content of harmonics in the line currents even for distorted line voltages.


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