Single Electronic Drive Controlling Two Synchronous Motors Via Modified Vector Control

  • Danbing Seto (Pratt & Whitney, United Technologies Corp.) ;
  • Fanping Sun (United Technologies Research Center, United Technologies Corp.) ;
  • Jacek F. Gieras (United Technologies Research Center, United Technologies Corp.) ;
  • Norbert A.M. Hootsmans (United Technologies Research Center, United Technologies Corp.)
  • Published : 2003.01.01


A novel control scheme of using a single electronic drive to synchronize two synchronous motors is investigated analytically. The developed control strategy extends the conventional vector control technology, Specifically, it utilizes the property that the motion of two motors can be independently controlled by the q-axis currents provided the desired q-axis currents can be achieved by adjusting physical armature currents. The latter part is indeed guaranteed by adding a position offset to one of the motors. This work has a potential of cost saving in practice where the cost of drive is a major concern.


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