Failure Mode and Fracture Behavior Evaluation of Pipes with Local Wall Thinning Subjected to Bending Load

감육배관의 굽힘하중에 의한 손상모드와 파괴거동 평가

  • Published : 2003.01.01


Fracture behaviors of pipes with local wall thinning are very important for the integrity of nuclear Power Plant. In Pipes of energy Plants, sometimes, the local wall thinning may result from severe erosion-corrosion (E/C) damage. However, the effects of local wall thinning on strength and fracture behaviors of piping system were not well studied. In this paper, the monotonic bending tests were performed of full-scale carbon steel pipes with local wall thinning. A monotonic bending load was applied to straight pipe specimens by four-point loading at ambient temperature without internal pressure. From the tests, fracture behaviors and fracture strength of locally thinned pipe were manifested systematically. The observed failure modes were divided into four types; ovalization. crack initiation/growth after ovalization, local buckling and crack initiation/growth after local buckling. Also, the strength and the allowable limit of piping system with local wall thinning were evaluated.


Local Wall Thinning;Failure Mode;Pipe;Bending Load;Fracture Behavior;Allowable Limit


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