Design of a 6-DOF Parallel Haptic Rand Controller Consisting of 5-Bar Linkages and Gimbal Mechanisms

5절링크와 짐벌기구로 구성된 병렬형 6자유도 햅틱 핸드컨트롤러의 설계

  • Published : 2003.01.01


A haptic hand controller (HHC) operated by the user’s hand can receive information on position and orientation of the hand and display force and moment generated in the virtual environment to the hand. In this paper, a 3-DOF hand controller is first presented, in which all the actuators are mounted on the fixed base by combining a 5-bar linkage and a gimbal mechanism. The 6-DOF HHC is then designed by connecting these two 3-DOF devices through a handle which consists of a screw and nut. Analysis using performance index is carried out to determine the dimensions of the device. The HHC control system consists of the high-level controller for kinematic and static analysis and the low-level controller for position sensing and motor control. The HHC used as a user interface to control the mobile robot in the virtual environment is given as a simple application.


Haptic Hand Controller;Gimbal Mechanism;Five Bar Linkage;Manipulability


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