A Study on Applicability of SP Creep Testing for Measurement of Creep Properties of Zr-2.5Nb Alloy

Zr-2.5Nb 합금의 크리프 물성 측정을 위한 SP 크리프 시험의 적용성에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2003.01.01


The pressure tubes made of cold-worked Zr-2.5Nb alloy are subjected to creep deformation during service period resulting in changes to their geometry such as longitudinal elongation, diameter increase and sagging. To evaluate integrity of them, information on the material creep property of the serviced tubes is essential. As one of the methods with which the creep property is directly measured from the serviced components, small punch(SP) creep testing has been considered as a substitute for the conventional uniaxial creep testing. In this study, applicability of the SP creep testing to Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube alloy was studied particularly by measuring the power law creep constants, A, n. The SP creep test has been successfully applied fur other high temperature materials which have isotropic behavior. Since the Zr-2.5Nb alloy has anisotropic property, applicability of the SP creep testing can be limited. Uniaxial creep tests and small punch creep tests were conducted with Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube alloy along with finite element analyses. Creep constants obtained by each test method are compared. It was argued that the SP creep test result gave results reflecting material properties of both directions. But the equations derived in the previous study for isotropic materials need to be modified. Discussions were made fur future research directions for application of the SP creep testing to Zr-2.5Nb tube alloy.


Creep;CANDU Pressure Tube;Zr-2.5Nb, Anisotropic Material;Small Punch Creep Test;Finite Element Analysis


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