Reaction Synthesis of Ti3AlC2 at High Temperature

고온 반응에 의한 Ti3AlC2합성

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  • Published : 2003.01.01


$Ti_3AlC_2$was synthesized from TiCx and Al powder as a starting materials at the temperature range between$800^{circ}C;and;1500^{\circ}C$. The vacuum sintering and hot pressing methods were imployed to synthesize$Ti_3AlC_2$. The high purity$Ti_3AlC_2$was synthesized using TiCx and Al powder as starting materials without formation of Ti-Al intermetallic compound and Al-C compound.$Ti_2$AlC and$Ti_3AlC_2$were preferentially synthesized at$800^{\circ}C$and above$1200^{\circ}C$, respectively.$Ti_2$AlC formed at low temperature was transformed to$Ti_3AlC_2$by further reaction with TiC. In this study, the synthesis mechanism for$Ti_3AlC_2$was proposed. The synthesized$Ti_3AlC_2$showed the nano laminating structure consisting of$Ti_3AlC_2$crystal with the thickness of 45~120 nm.


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