Effect of a Final Rolling Process on Okro Tea Quality

정유조건이 옥로차 품질에 미치는 영향

  • 박장현 (전남농업기술원 차시험장) ;
  • 조덕봉 (광주보건대학 식품가공과) ;
  • 김석언 (전남농업기술원) ;
  • 임근철 (전남농업기술원 차시험장) ;
  • 최형국 (전남농업기술원 차시험장)
  • Published : 2003.02.01


Moisture content was 79.5%, banjhi shoot was 77.8% of the total and the weight was 29.4 g/100 buds in the harvested plant leaves used for manufacturing Okro tea. Okro tea heated at 75$^{\circ}C$ for 30 min showed the best quality among all the treatmants. Chemical components such as total nitrogen, theanine, arginine and chlorophyll were high in the tea treated at 75$^{\circ}C$ for 30 min compare with those of other treatments. The sensory evalution test In terms of appearance shape color and taste showed greater preferences in Okro tea treated at 75$^{\circ}C$ for 30 min than those of other treatments. The results suggested that heat treatment at 75$^{\circ}C$ for 30 min was the best condition for the final rolling process in manufacturing of Okro tea.


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