Analysis and Design of Functional Blocks for IIPv4/IPv6 Protocol and Address Translation

IPv4/IPv6 프로토콜 및 주소변환 기능의 요소기술 분석 및 설계

  • 이승민 (삼성전자 정보통신총괄 무선사업부) ;
  • 진재경 (모다정보통신) ;
  • 민상원 (광운대학교 전자공학부)
  • Published : 2003.02.01


IPv6 (IP version 6), which was standardized by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) to cope with existing IPv4 problems, needs several approaches for interoperation with IPv4. The internetworking of IPv6 with IPv4 is an important key to the deployment of the next generation Internet. As the solutions to the transition mechanism, both tunneling and translator methods have been proposed. In this paper, we analyze functional elements for implementation design of a transition mechanism based on the NAT-PT (NAT-Protocol Translation), and propose an extension algorithm that uses ports for effective use of global IPv4 addresses. The algorithm presented in this paper is a method of combining NAT-PT with Port Translation mechanism. The algorithm does not assign an IPv4 address to the host that needs IPv4 address, but allocates a single temporary IPv4 address and a port number in order to identify host.


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