Optical Properties of Zn4GeSe6:Co2+ Single Crystals

Zn4GeSe6:Co2+ 단결정의 광학적 특성

  • 김형곤 (조선이공대학 전기과) ;
  • 김남오 (조선이공대학 전기과) ;
  • 최영일 (조선이공대학 광전자정보학부) ;
  • 김덕태 (동아인재대학 전자과) ;
  • 김창주 (한국남부발전㈜ 하동화력본부)
  • Published : 2003.04.01


In this work Zn$_4$GeSe$_{6}$ :CO$^{2+}$ single crystals were grown by the chemical transport reaction method in which the iodine was used as the transporting agent. The Zn$_4$GeSe$_{6}$ :CO$^{2+}$ single crystal was found to have a monoclinic structure. The optical absorption spectra of grown crystals were investigated using a temperature-controlled UV-VIS -NIR spectrophotometer. The temperature dependence of band-edge absorption was in a good agreement with the Varshni equation. The observed impurity absorption peaks could be explained as arising from the electron transition between energy levels of Co$^{2+}$ ion sited at the T$_{d}$ symmetry point.


Chemical transport reaction method;$Zn_{4}GeSe_{6}:Co^{2+}$;Optical absorption;Monoclinic structure;Optical energy gap;Temperature dependence


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