A Study on the Wiring Control Method of Hand & Auto Operation of an Easy Elevator

간이 승강기 수·자동 배선제어방식에 관한 연구

  • 위성동 (송원대학 전자미디어과) ;
  • 구할본 (전남대학 공과대학 전기공학과)
  • Published : 2003.04.01


An easy learning elevator originated is opened to compare the existed teaming equipment, and it had a high studied efficiency that the sequence control circuit can open and close with the wire. The structure of equipment to be controlled from the first floor to the fifth floors is demostrated by the constructive apparatus with the lamps to express the function of the open-close of the door according to the cage moving with a mechanical actuation of the forward reverse breaker and the motor of load, and the mechanical actuation of hand-operation control components of push-button S/W and L/S and relay etc. These components let connect each other in order to control of the elevator function with the auto program and the designed sequence control circuit. Consequently the cage could go and come till 1∼5 steps with an auto program of the elevator and the sequence control circuit. The sequence control circuit is controlled by the step of forward and reverse to follow as that the sensor function of L/S1 ∼ L/S5 let posit with the control switchs of S/W1 ∼ S/W5 of PLC testing panel and switchs of S/W1 ∼ S/W5 installed on the transparent acryl plate of the frame. In here, improved apparatus is the hand-auto operation combined learning equipment to study the principle and technique of the originate sequence control circuit and the auto program of PLC.


Originated sequence control circuit;PLC originated elevator program


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