A Slot Away Antenna with a Simple Feed Structure for Broadband Multimedia Wireless Applications

단순한 급전 구조를 갖는 Broadband Multimedia Wireless System(BMWS)용 슬롯 배열 안테나

  • Published : 2003.03.01


We design and fabricate slot array antenna for BMWS(Broadband Multimedia Wireless System) applications. This paper presents a simple feed structure, which consists of two horns and a parallel-plate waveguide, because antennas operating at 40.5 GHz~43.5 GHz have considerable feeding losses. The simple feed structure has the advantages of high-efficiency and mass-production. The fabricated antenna has a gain of 25.8 dBi with a sidelobe level below -18 ㏈ and a 3 ㏈ beamwidth of approximately 3$^{\circ}$ in the E-plane. In case of H-plane, a 3 ㏈ beamwidth is 17$^{\circ}$ and a sidelobe level is suppressed to below -27 ㏈. The experimental results are in good agreement with the simulation results. The authors expect that narrow 3 ㏈ beamwidth is obtained by combining a few proposed slot array antennas in parallel.


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