Transfer Characteristic for Various Noise Source Positions and Power Bus Noise Reduction Method using Elevated Ground Island in High Speed PCBs

고속 인쇄회로기판에서 잡음원 위치에 따른 전도 잡음 특성 분석 및 부양된 접지 아일랜드를 이용한 전원부 잡음 감소 방법

  • Published : 2003.03.01


In this paper, design rule of power island is studied. Power island have a defect that increase transfer noise when each power bus structure is resonant. So, in this paper, resonances are suppressed for various noise source positions and in order to improve noise characteristics, it is suggested EGI in order to improve noise characteristic. At the simulation result, the least resonance is showed for various noise source position and transfer impedance with power bus resonance is reduced about 11 $\Omega$ by EGI.


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