PCB Ground Structure Improvement for Radiation Noise Reduction

방사 잡음 감소를 위한 인쇄회로기판의 접지 구조 개선

  • Published : 2003.03.01


With the growth of high speed circuit, unwanted system noise is increased and multipoint ground is used to reduce this noise. PCB screw ground structure has radiation noise by ground loop between screws. In order to solve this problem, in this paper, we proposed improved PCB ground structure. Proposed structure improves noise absorption by using microwave absorber and conductive copper tape. We measured radiation PCB noise in the range of 1 ㎓ to 3 ㎓ to investigate proposed structure usefulness. From these results, under 2 ㎓ range proposed structure has noise reduction by 2.62 dBuV/m, which compared with screw ground.


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