Calibration uncertainty of a spinning rotor gauge

스피닝 로터 게이지 교정 불확도

  • 홍승수 (한국표준과학연구원 진공기술센터) ;
  • 임인태 (한국표준과학연구원 진공기술센터) ;
  • 신용현 (한국표준과학연구원 진공기술센터) ;
  • 정광화 (한국표준과학연구원 진공기술센터)
  • Published : 2003.03.01


Spinning Rotor Gauge (SRG) has been used to transfer standard gauge for international comparison at the high vacuum standards. We calibrated a spinning rotor gauge by using dynamic calibration system (DCS) that was a national high vacuum standards system. And its uncertainties were evaluated with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), they were recognized ai A type uncertainty, B type uncertainty, combined Standard uncertainty, and expanded uncertainty. The combined standard uncertainties were $1.8007\times10^{-5}$ Pa ~ ~$4.8422\times10^{-5}$ Pa for this spinning rotor gauge.


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