Protein Hydrolysis with Formic Acid and Analysis of Amino Acid Using Butylthiocarbamyl - trimethylsilyl (BTC - TMS) Derivatives by Gas Chromatography

  • Published : 2003.04.01


The protein hydrolysis with 6 M formic acid containing 0.3% tryptamine was a superior method for amino acid analysis of standard amino acid and protein than 6 M HCI containing 0.3% tryptamine. The recoveries of standard amino acid after acid hydrolysis were more accurate in the 6 M formic acid hydrolysis than 6 M HCI hydrolysis, especially recovery of tryptophan showed higher values of 1.5 times than that of 6 M HCI hydrolysis. The results of analysis on the standard protein, bovine serum albumin, showed very similar values compared to the sequence analysis reported in the literature for the 6 M formic acid hydrolysis than 6 M HCI hydrolysis, especially in the tryptophan recovery as standard amino acid recovery. Butylthiocarbamyl - trimethylsilyl (BTC - TMS) derivatives of 22 standard amino acids were successfully resolved DB-17 capillary column. Excellent reproducibility of standard amino acid recovery and composition of bovine serum albumin were obtained with BTC-TMS derivatives.


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