Power Comparison of EGLS Test Statistic for Fixed Effects with Arbitrary Distributions



Lee, Jang-Taek

  • 발행 : 2003.04.01


Quite often normality assumptions are not satisfied in practical applications. In this paper, an estimated generalized least squares(EGLS) analysis are considered in two way mixed linear models with arbitrary types of distributions for random effects. We investigate the power performance of EGLS analysis based on Henderson's method III, ML, REML and MINQUE(1). The power performances depend on the imbalance of design, on the actual values of ratio of variance components, and on the skewness and kurtosis parameters of the underlying distributions slightly. Results of our limited simulation study suggest that the EGLS F-statistics using four estimators and arbitrary distributions produce similar type I error rates and power performance.


mixed models;estimated generalized least squares


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