Influence of Dietary Natural and Synthetic figments on Growth Performances, Skin Pigmentation and Color Difference in Broiler Chicks

천연 및 합성 착색제의 첨가가 브로일러의 육성성적, 착색도 및 육색 변화에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2003.03.01


This experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of natural and synthetic commercial pigments on the growth performances, skin pigmentation and color difference of broiler chicks. Experimental diet was formulated to have isocalories and isonitrogen for experimental period, and xanthophyll concentration in the diet was 8.45g/1on. The experiment was conducted for six weeks with 450 broiler chicks. The birds were assigned to 10 treatment groups and each group had 15 chicks with three replications. Results showed that the types of pigments did not have any effect on body weight, feed intake and feed efficiency. The mortality was lower with higher pigment supplementation and greater in the natural pigment groups than in the synthetic ones. Dressed carcass, abdominal fat pad and gizzard weight were not significantly different among treatments. The pigmentation of shank skin was increased with high pigment supplementations, and the pigmentation effect was greater with synthetic pigments than in natural pigments. In the shank meat or skin, the color difference(L*, a*, b*, c* and h*) was not consistently related to pigmentation.


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