Microstructure and Superconducting Properties of (Bi,Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O-(Ag, Au, Mg) Composites

(Bi,Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O-(Ag, Au, Mg) 복합체의 미세구조와 초전도 특성

  • 이민수 (한밭대학교 환경보존방재연구소)
  • Published : 2003.05.01


Samples were prepared by the solid-state reaction method. The nominal composition of the samples was B $i_{1.84}$P $b_{0.34}$S $r_{1.91}$C $a_{2.03}$C $u_{3.06}$ $O_{10+{delta}$ prepared from powder of B $i_2$ $O_3$, PbO, SrC $O_3$, CaC $O_3$, and CuO. They were pulverized, mixed with AgO, A $u_2$ $O_3$and MgO of 50 wt%. Finally, they were sintered at 820 to 85$0^{\circ}C$ in air. The structural characteristics, the microstructure of surface and the critical temperature with respect to the each samples were analyzed by XRD, $T_{c}$, SEM and EDS respectively. It was found that the the critical temperature of the silver oxide additive samples (99.58 K) is higher than those of gold or magnesium oxides additive samples, but all those values are lower than that of pure Bi-2223 phase. The microstructure of surface showed the tendency which the AgO additive samples become more minuteness than A $u_2$ $O_3$ and MgO additive samples.s.samples.s.


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