Superconducting Properties and Tunneling Spectroscopy of Bi2Sr2Ca(Cu1-xNix)2O8+δ Film by LPE Method

LPE법으로 성장시킨 Bi2Sr2Ca(Cu1-xNix)2O8+δ 막(film)의 초전도특성 및 터널링 분광

  • 이민수 (한밭대학교 환경보전방재연구소)
  • Published : 2003.05.01


Tunneling spectra of B $i_2$S $r_2$Ca(C $u_{1-x}$ N $i_{x}$ )$_2$ $O_{8+}$$\delta$/ film by LPE method have been measured using break junctions. The energy gap 2$\Delta$ and 2$\Delta$/ $k_{B}$ $T_{c}$ $^{zero}$ increased with increase of ft. We obtained the energy gap Parameter 2$\Delta$(4.2 K) = 54.4~64 meV, and corresponding1y $\Delta$/ $k_{B}$ $T_{c}$ $^{zero}$=7.36~10.14, larger than the BCS value. The lattice constant c and critical temperature $T_{c}$ $^{zero}$ decrease with increase of $\chi$$_{L}$.


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