Application of Quantitative X-ray Diffraction Analysis for Unburned Coal Content on Coke-Char-Sinter Mixtures

고온에서 발생한 코크스-미연소탄-소결광의 혼합물 중 미연소탄의 정량화를 위한 분말 X-선 회절법 적용

  • Published : 2003.05.01


A technique for determination of proportions of char, coal ana coke is needed in order to monitor pulverized coal injection performance in operating blast furnace. Quantitative X-ray powder diffraction analysis can be applied to the problem providing that structural information on carbonaceous materials, coal, char, coke and their mixture are known. Chars were prepared from a coal at different temperatures (1000∼1400$^{\circ}C$) and were characterised by X-Ray powder Diffraction (XRD). The XRD result gave crystallite size (height Lc and diameter, La), aromaticity, number of (002) plane in carbon, and d-spacing. As a result, with increasing heat treat temperature of char, Lc$_{(002)}$, La$_{(10)}$ and number of (002) plane in carbon were increased, and d-spacing and FWHM(Full With Half Maximum) were decreased. Result of prediction of amount of char from the mixtures (char, coke and ore) based on the Lc$_{(002)}$ information of two mixtures (coke and char) showed very close values expected.


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