A Model for Power Quality Control Mechanism for Electric Power Market

전력시장체제하에서의 전력품질제어 메커니즘에 대한 모델링

  • 이근준 (충북과학대학 전기에너지시스템학과)
  • Published : 2003.07.01


To provide a specified power quality under electric market system is becoming an important issue for customers and utility company. However, there is no realistic infra-structure to design a power system for the specified power quality. Present electric market is operating under the economic point of view. The low power price could be attractive, but the effect of low price could result the lower power quality for the long time and threat power system security. This paper presents a model which conceptualize the dynamic power quality control mechanism to minimize total cost of a society which is affected electric power quality. This model aims to produce a basic infra-structure to balance cost and quality under the electric market system.


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