Influence of Rock Inhomogeneity on the Dynamic Tensile Strength of Rock

암석의 동적 인장강도에 미치는 불균질성의 영향

  • Cho, Sang-Ho (Graduate School of Eng., Hokkaido university) ;
  • Yang, Hyung-Sik (Dep. Geosystem Eng., Chonnam Nat′l Univ.) ;
  • Katsuhiko Kaneko (Graduate School of Eng., Hokkaido university)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


The fracture processes under dynamic loading in tension were simulated using a proposed numerical approach and analyzed to determine dynamic tensile strength. The dynamic tensile strength and the scatter of the strength data decreased with increasing uniformity coefficients. The differences of static and dynamic tensile strength were due to the stress concentrations and redistribution mechanisms in the rock specimen. Although there were different mechanisms for the static and dynamic fracture processes, the static and dynamic tensile strengths were close to the mean microscopic tensile strength at high values of the uniformity coefficient. This paper shows that the rock inhomogeneity has an effect on dynamic tensile strength and is a factor that contributes to the different specimen strengths under dynamic and static loading conditions.


Fracture processes;Dynamic tensile strength;Uniformity coefficients;Microscopic tensile strength;Rock inhomogeneity


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