A Case Study on the Boring-Hole Blasting for Offering of the Ground Vibration Source

지진동 Source 제공을 위한 심부 시추공발파 기술사례

  • 조영곤 (㈜고려노벨화약) ;
  • 김희도 (㈜고려노벨화약) ;
  • 조준호 (㈜고려노벨화약)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


This case study which is to make 2-Dimension earth's crust structures clearly is about the great boring-hole blasting to provide ground vibration source of the reflected wave research on the Korean Peninsula earth's crust structures research. For this study we've done blasting twice-500 ㎏/charge per delay, 1,000 ㎏/charge per delay, and the specifications of blasting are the following - dia.: 300 ㎜, boring-depth : 100m, besides, we used the explosives and electric detonators which have sufficient detonating velocity and very excellent safety, capacity of detonating, accurate delay time. We charged explosives into steel pipe with bulk type to avoid dead pressure by ground water. And then we tested about pipe airtight and blasting to certificate which has no problem by using on this study. In the results, we succeeded each blasting in Seosan, Youngdong. For the Peak Sum Vector(PSV) around the blasting at the main points, its real measured PSV is higher 180 % than estimated PSV with USBM. In this study we can't to be analysis of vibration velocity, but to be key providing vibration source.


The korean peninsula earths crust structure researches;Ground vibration source;Charge per delay Boring-hole blasting;Dead-pressure;Steel pipe


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