Design Parameters for Development of flexible Linear Shaped Charge

가소성 선형 성형폭약 제조를 위한 설계변수에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2003.06.01


The structures to be demolished have become diverse in types from reinforced concrete to steel. The demand for demolition of steel structures is recently increasing in Korea. Most of flexible linear-shaped charges for steel demolition are now imported from foreign countries. To determine the optimum parameters of design far domestic development of flexible linear-shaped charges, some basic experiments have been carried out and their results are summarized as follows; Copper is shown to be superior to aluminium and lead as a liner material. It is also proved that the optimum apex angle of liner is 90$^{\circ}$ in comparision with 45$^{\circ}$, 60$^{\circ}$ and 120$^{\circ}$ Adequate thickness of liners, standoff distance in terms of quantity of explosives are also examined. Explosives and liners are required to be plasticized in order to improve the bond between explosives and various shapes of steel structures.


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