A Study on a Graphical Method for Determining the Characteristics of Jet-fan Ventilation System using the Contour Map of Required Ventilation Rate in Local Highways

지역별 소요환기량 특성도를 활용한 제트팬 환기방식 가능 터널제원 결정연구

  • Published : 2003.06.01


Recent worldwide trends show that tunnel length is getting longer, and the demand for longitudinal ventilation system with jet-fans in highway tunnels has also increased mainly due to the economic reasons. Improvements in vehicle engine subsequently reduced required ventilation rate(Qreq) which is the decisive factor in choosing the optimal ventilation system. Qreq contour map is a graph that defines the relationship among tunnel length, grade and required ventilation rate. It is important to understand the variation of Qreq in order to evaluate the characteristics of ventilation system with jet fans. Therefore this study aims at studying a graphical method for determining the characteristics of jet-fm ventilation system using Qreq contour map. Also, this study focuses on traffic composition on local highways.


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