• Chi Ming, Roger Yue (Universite Paris VII-Denis Diderot)
  • Published : 2003.05.01


This note contains the following results for a ring A : (1) A is simple Artinian if and only if A is a prime right YJ-injective, right and left V-ring with a maximal right annihilator ; (2) if A is a left quasi-duo ring with Jacobson radical J such that $_{A}$A/J is p-injective, then the ring A/J is strongly regular ; (3) A is von Neumann regular with non-zero socle if and only if A is a left p.p.ring containing a finitely generated p-injective maximal left ideal satisfying the following condition : if e is an idempotent in A, then eA is a minimal right ideal if and only if Ae is a minimal left ideal ; (4) If A is left non-singular, left YJ-injective such that each maximal left ideal of A is either injective or a two-sided ideal of A, then A is either left self-injective regular or strongly regular : (5) A is left continuous regular if and only if A is right p-injective such that for every cyclic left A-module M, $_{A}$M/Z(M) is projective. ((5) remains valid if 《continuous》 is replaced by 《self-injective》 and 《cyclic》 is replaced by 《finitely generated》. Finally, we have the following two equivalent properties for A to be von Neumann regula. : (a) A is left non-singular such that every finitely generated left ideal is the left annihilator of an element of A and every principal right ideal of A is the right annihilator of an element of A ; (b) Change 《left non-singular》 into 《right non-singular》in (a).(a).


Von Neumann regular;self injective rings;p-injectivity;YJ-injectivity


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