The Numerical Prediction of the Micro Climate Change by a Residential Development Region

  • Oh, Eun-Joo ;
  • Lee, Hwa Woon ;
  • Kondo, Akira ;
  • Kaga, Akikazu ;
  • Yamaguchi, Katsuhito
  • Published : 2003.05.01


We developed a numerical model that considered the influences on the thermal environment of vegetation, water surfaces and buildings to predict micro climatic changes in a few $\textrm{km}^2$ scales; and applied this model to the Mino residential development region in Osaka Prefecture by using a nested technique. The calculated temperatures and winds in the residential development region reasonably agreed with the observed ones. We then investigated the influences on the thermal environment of the construction of a dam, the change of the green coverage rate. The results obtained from the numerical simulations were qualitatively reasonable.


Micro climate;Nested technique;Urban canopy;Numerical model


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