Characteristics of Aerosol Composition at Jeju City, Korea

  • Published : 2003.05.01


Aerosol measurement were carried out to investigate the characteristics of its chemical composition directly affected by the local emissions of Jeju City, Jeju Island by using an eight-stage cascade impactor from Dec. 1999 to Aug. 2000. The ambient aerosol concentrations measured at Jeju City were generally very low but the fine particle concentrations were to be higher than the US standard of PM2.5. The majority of sulfate were non sea salt and contained in the fine particles. In the fine particles, the concentrations of Na$\^$+/, K$\^$+/, Mg$\^$2+/, Ca$\^$2+/, Cl$\^$-/ and NO$\sub$3$\^$-/ had a tendency to increase during the springtime rather than the other seasons. However, the springtime sulfate and ammonium concentrations in the fine particles were slightly lower than those during the other seasons. On the other hand, associated with the coarse particles, the concentrations of ionic species except potassium and ammonium were elevated during the springtime. The calcium concentrations in the coarse particles were increased up to 8 times relative to the other seasons.


Aerosol;Jeju;Asian Dust;Enrichment factor


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