Comparison of Welding Characteristics of Austenitic 304 Stainless Steel and SM45C Using a Continuous Wave Nd:YAG Laser

오스테나이트계 스테인리스강과 SM45C의 연속파형 Nd:YAG 레이저 용접특성비교

  • Published : 2003.06.01


Welding characteristics of austienite 304 stainless and SM45C using a continuous wave Nd:YAG laser n experimentally investigated Laser beam welding is increasingly being used in welding of structural steels. The laser welding process is one of the most advanced manufacturing technologies owing to its high speed and deep penetration. The thermal cycles associated with laser welding are generally much Inter than those involved in conventional welding processes, leading to a rather small weld zone. Experiments are performed for 304 stainless steel plates changing several process parameter such as laser power, welding speed, shielding gas flow rate, presence of surface pollution, with fixed or variable gap and misalignment between the similar and dissimilar and plates, etc. The Nd:YAG laser welding process is one of the most advanced manufacturing technologies owing to its high speed and penetration. This paper describes the weld ability of SM45C carbon steel for machine structural use by Nd:YAG laser. The follow conclusions can be drawn that laser power and welding speed have a pronounced effect on size and shape of the fusion zone. Increase in welding speed resulted in an increase in weld depth/aspect ratio and hence a decrease in the fusion zone size. The penetration depth increased with the increase in laser power.



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