Creep behaviour of mudstone in the tertiary Duho Formation at Pohang basin

포항분지 제3기 두호층 이암의 크리프 거동

  • Published : 2003.06.01


Understanding of a creep behavior in rocks under a constant load, due to visco-elastic properties of rock, is an essential element to predict a long term ground deformation. In order to clarify the creep characteristics of the mudstone in Duho formation at Pohang basin, deposited during Tertiary, a series of laboratory tests including physical properties, unconfined compressive strength and uniaxial creep tests, was performed. The mudstone showed a higher creep potential due to 26% of clay minerals such as illite and chlorite. The unconfined compressive strength of the rock was $462{\;}kg/\textrm{cm}^2$ in average, and four creep tests were performed under constant stress of 40 to 70 % of the strength. The creep constants in the empirical and theoretical equations were deduced from the time-strain curves obtained from the tests. Among the several equations, the empirical equation proposed by Griggs and theoretical equation of Burger’s model are appreciated as the best one to express the creep behavior of the mudstone. Instantaneous elastic strain was linearly increased with stress level but strain velocity during the first creep is decreased with a similar pattern by time lapse regardless the stress level.


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