Tracking Control for Mobile Robot Based on Fuzzy Systems

퍼지 시스템을 이용한 이동로봇의 궤적제어

  • 박재훼 (부산대학교 메카트로닉스과정) ;
  • 이만형 (부산대학교 기계공학부)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


This paper describes a tracking control for the mobile robot based on fuzzy systems. Since the mobile robot has the nonholonomic constraints, these constraints should be considered to design a tracking controller for the mobile robot. One of the well-known tracking controllers for the mobile robot is the back-stepping controller. The conventional back-stepping controller includes the dynamics and kinematics of the mobile robot. The conventional back-stepping controller is affected by the derived velocity reference by a kinematic controller. To improve the performance of the conventional back-stepping controller, this paper uses the fuzzy systems known as the nonlinear controller. The new velocity reference for the back-stepping controller is derived through the fuzzy inference. Fuzzy rules are selected for gains of the kinematic controller. The produced velocity reference has properly considered the varying reference trajectories. Simulation results show that the proposed controller is more robust than the conventional back-stepping controller.


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