The Strength Properties of Metal Matrix Composites by Binder Additives

금속기복합재료의 바인더 첨가제에 따른 강도 특성

  • 박원조 (경상대학교 수송기계공학부 해양산업연구소) ;
  • 허선철 (경상대학교 수송기계공학부 해양산업연구소)
  • Published : 2003.07.01


This study is about controlled impurities, which make metal alloys, especially AC4CH alloy that is made by restraining 0.2% Fe and Aluminum to make a matrix material. A metal matrix composite is produced using the squeeze casting method. The first step in the squeeze casting method is to add some organic binder including aluminum borate whisker into the matrix. After the fabrication of a metal matrix composite, each is individually appended to an inanimate binder such as SiO$_2$, Al$_2$O$_3$, and TiO$_2$. Through experiments the mechanical property changes were investigated between the metal matrix composite and AC4CH alloy. This study proves the superiority of the mechanical property of a metal matrix composites over AC4CH according to the previous tests and results that were mentioned above. One excellent property of matrix material composites is the infiltrated TiO$_2$ reinforcement. This material is a good substitute for the existing materials that are used in the development of industries today.


Metal Matrix Composites;Squeeze Casting;Inanimate Binder;Infiltrate


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