Development of Calibrating Instrument for Tool Wear using Spindle Orientation Function in End Milling

엔드밀 가공시 주축 오리엔테이션 기능을 통한 공구마멸 보정 장치의 개발

  • Published : 2003.07.01


The most important thing in measuring the tool wear is to set up the measurement base. The end mill that is being used for machining of die is difficult to set up the base and to measure the tool wear because of geometric properties of that such as a helix and relief angle. In this study, a new instrument using spindle orientation function in end milling is developed to measure the tool wear and evaluated by the measuring system on the machine. Finally, this new method makes possible the wear measurement of same position and reduces the measuring time compared with the measuring methods such as the microscope and CCD.


Flat End Mill;Spindle Orientation;Calibration;Tool Wear;Slenderness Ratio;BT Type Tool Holder


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