Interfacial Moderation and Characterization of Nb/MoSi2 Bonding Materials

Nb/MoSi2 접합재료의 계면 수정 및 특성

  • 이상필 (동의대학교 기계정보산업공학부) ;
  • 윤한기 (동의대학교 기계정보산업공학부)
  • Published : 2003.07.01


This study dealt with the suppression of interfacial reaction between Nb and MoSi$_2$ for the fabrication of high toughness Nb/MoSi$_2$ laminate composites, based on the results of a thermodynamical estimation. Especially, the effect of ZrO$_2$ particle on the interfacial reaction of Nb/MoSi$_2$ bonding materials has been examined. Nb/MoSi$_2$ bonding materials have been successfully fabricated by alternatively stacking matrix mixtures and Nb sheets and hot pressing in the graphite mould. The addition of ZrO$_2$ particle to MoSi$_2$ matrix is obviously effective for promoting both the interfacial reaction suppression and the sintered density of Nb/MoSi$_2$ bonding materials, since it is caused by the formation of ZrSiO$_4$ in the MoSi$_2$-ZrO$_2$ matrix mixture. The interfacial shear strength of Nb/MoSi$_2$ bonding materials also decreases with the reduction of interfacial reaction layer associated with the content of ZrO$_2$ particle and the fabrication temperature.


Niobium Sheet;MoSi$_2$ Powder;ZrO$_2$ Powder;Nb/MoSi$_2$ Bonding Material;Hot Pressing;Interfacial Reaction;Interfacial Shear Strength


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