Natural Frequencies and Modes of Rotary Specimen Rack(RSR) in a Still Fluid

정지 유체 내에 있는 회전시료 조사대의 고유진동수 및 모드 해석

  • Published : 2003.08.01


In this paper, In-air and in-water vibration characteristics of Rotary Specimen Rack(RSR) are estimated through 3D finite element analysis by using ANSYS software. Added mass is calculated by using Blevins' equation. To confirm the accuracy of the results presented in this study, obtained results are compared to those of using a theoretical equation. It is confirmed that in-water natural frequencies of the RSR are lower than in-air ones due to tile added mass effect of the fluid. Also, good agreement is founded between natural frequency ratios obtained by a theoretical equation and those of using ANSYS.


Natural Frequency and Mode;Rotary Specimen Rack;Still Fluid;Added Mass


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