Vibration Analysis of Rotating Cantilever Plates with Arbitrary Orientation Angle

임의의 자세를 갖는 외팔평판의 진동해석

  • Published : 2003.08.01


Linearized equations of motion for the vibration analysis of rotating cantilever plates with arbitrary orientation angle are derived in the present work. Two in-plane stretch variables are introduced to be approximated. The use of the two in-plane stretch variables enables one to derive the equations of motion which include proper motion-induced stiffness variation terms. The equations of motion are transformed into dimensionless forms in which dimensionless parameters are identified. The effects of the dimensionless parameters on the modal characteristics of rotating cantilever plates are investigated through numerical study. The natural frequency loci veering along with the associated mode shape variations, which occur while the rotating speed increases, are also presented and discussed.


Vibration Analysis;Cantilever Plate;Arbitrary Orientation Angle;Natural Frequency;Mode Shape Variation;Natural Frequency Loci Veering


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