Development of the Soybean Sprouting Bucket with Enhanced Air Circulation Function

공기치환기능이 강화된 콩나물 재배통 개발

  • 김중만 (원광대학교 생물환경과학부) ;
  • 황호선 (원광대학교 생물환경과학부) ;
  • 전예정 (원광대학교 생물환경과학부)
  • Published : 2003.07.01


Traditional soybean sprouting bucket has some problems which are putrefaction and growing inhibition by the high temperature and carbon dioxide in the bucket during culturing. To solve this problems we developed the new soybean sprouting bucket. The new bucket consisted a square shaped bottom which has 5 draining holes (each 10 mm in dia, 2 mm in height) and four side wall which has two rectangular shaped holes (10 cm long, 0.5 cm wide), and the support vessel which 592 tiny draining holes whose center attached a pipe with 36 small holes (each 2 mm in dia). The new one showed lower temperature and carbon dioxide content during culturing, and the putrefaction was lower, whereas growing degree was higher during culturing at 25$\pm$1$^{\circ}C$ than the traditional bucket.


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