Bootstrapping Vector-valued Process Capability Indices

Cho, Joong-Jae;Park, Byoung-Sun

  • 발행 : 2003.08.01


In actual manufacturing industries, process capability analysis often entails characterizing or assessing processes or products based on more than one engineering specification or quality characteristic. Since these characteristics are related, it is a risky undertaking to represent variation of even a univariate characteristic by a single index. Therefore, the desirability of using vector-valued process capability index(PCI) arises quite naturally. In this paper, some vector-valued ${PCI}_p$ ${C}_p$=(${C}_{px}$, ${C}_{py}$),${C}_{pk}$=(${C}_{pkx}$, ${C}_{pky}$) and ${C}_{pm}$=(${C}_{pmx}$, ${C}_{pmy}$) considering univariate PCIs ${C}_p$,${C}_{pk}$ and ${C}_{pm}$ are studied. First, we propose some asymptotic confidence regions of our vector-valued PCIs with bootstrap. And we examine the performance of asymptotic confidence regions of our vector-valued PCIs ${C}_p$ and ${C}_{pk}$ under the assumption of bivariate normal distribution BN($\mu_{x}$, $\mu_{y}$, $\sigma_{x}^{2}$, $\sigma_{y}^{2}$, $\rho$) and bivariate chi-square distribution Bivariate $x^2$(5,5,$\rho$).


Vector-valued Process Capability Index;Asymptotic Distribution;Consistency of Bootstrap;Confidence Region


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