Video Segmentation and Key frame Extraction using Multi-resolution Analysis and Statistical Characteristic



Cho, Wan-Hyun;Park, Soon-Young;Park, Jong-Hyun

  • 발행 : 2003.08.01


In this paper, we have proposed the efficient algorithm that can segment the video scene change using a various statistical characteristics obtained from by applying the wavelet transformation for each frames. Our method firstly extracts the histogram features from low frequency subband of wavelet-transformed image and then uses these features to detect the abrupt scene change. Second, it extracts the edge information from applying the mesh method to the high frequency subband of transformed image. We quantify the extracted edge information as the values of variance characteristic of each pixel and use these values to detect the gradual scene change. And we have also proposed an algorithm how extract the proper key frame from segmented video scene. Experiment results show that the proposed method is both very efficient algorithm in segmenting video frames and also is to become the appropriate key frame extraction method.


Video segmentation;Wavelet transformation;Multiresolution analysis;Mesh method;Histioram feature;Variation feature;Key frame extraction


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