The Characteristics of the Cultural Tourism Resources Distribution along the Nakdong River Basin

Yhang, Wii-Joo

  • Published : 2003.08.01


Many various kinds of tourism resources have been distributed along the Nakdong river basin. Previous researches have focused mainly on environmental studies, including water quality control, industrial use of water, biodiversity, etc, with little research done in the field of tourism studies. Central to this study, therefore, is the identification and analysis, from the perspective of cultural tourism, of the area's distribution and characteristics of cultural properties registered by the MOCT. Review of related literature reveals : 1) spatial range bound with the jurisdiction of the river basin like DREO and NRBEO ; 2) analytical subjects limited to cultural properties designated by the three different administrative units of government, city and province. Along with the DREO's predominance over the NRBEO in the total number of cultural properties, the result finds that two cities, Andong and Gyeongju of Gyeongbuk are assigned ownership of most of the cultural properties under the jurisdiction of DREO, while Gyeongnam that of most of the ones under the NRBEO. However, those findings suggest the simple number of cultural properties with no significant level of importance and rarity value reflected. Therefore, future studies need to develop quantified modelling keeping cultural variables in mind and create cultural indices of the competitiveness of the local governments.


NRBEO;DREO;Cultural properties;Cultural index


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